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Our Services

We offer a range of different services depending on what is your specific online experience objectives and challenges. Ranging from a “start from zero” online presence company branding and web content, through adding more specific features as Social Marketing, eCommerce, CRM, Analytics , Live/AI Customer Engagement.

Web Content Management

Wether this is your start point of your online journey, or you need a more complex web site to show/sell your goods/services portfolio, we can build it for you . Additional functionalities as eCommerce, Customer engagement support (Live & AI Chat, Support Desk),  eMail & Social Marketing (Facebook, Instagram), other, can be seamlessly integrated.  

Digital Presence Setup

Before you can engage with your customers online, setting up a professional looking Digital Presence is essential for your business credibility and success. We can help you with all the basic Cloud setup, Domain, site Hosting, Office365 eMail @yourbiz.com on PC and Mobile, VoIP communications, branding and more..  

Live/Automated AI Customer Engagement & Support

Live Customer Engagement options can be easily integrated to your web/eCommerce site (Live Chat). We can also model, train and deploy Automated Unattended Live Response and Engagement features via Flow & AI Assistance ICR’s (Interactive Chat Response  “Bots”). These can handle high traffic volumes autonomously, customer inquiries can be resolved immediately without further human assistance.

Social and eMail Marketing

Today, waiting to be found through a web search Its not enough . You must massively engage new customers through LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and eMail to succeed. We can help your company increase its “Social” visibility to drive new customers to your web/eCommerce site, plus launching & analizing targeted Facebook and eMail marketing campaigns.

Digital Content Production

A professional “visual perception” of the customer when engaging with your portfolio through any online channel  is a must. We offer you a Digital post-production service to create/enhance all these elements (images/photos, flyers, packing and branding, eMail campaigns, Social postings, logos, other).

eCommerce Online Stores

Marketing and selling your products and services online is The “Today’s Way” of succeding.. Depending on your specific business complexity and type, we can setup and maintain  from “quick and easy” to more robust eCommerce solutions to reach your customers.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

A CRM solution brings companies and customers together. It gives all your departments including Marketing, Sales, eCommerce, and Service a single, shared view of every customer. We can help your company setup , integrate and maintain these powerful Apps, ranging from “simple/fast time-to-market” options, up to more robust solutions depending on your specific needs.

MS Excel Spreadsheets

Yes, MS Excel is very powerful. It’s the most common tool used by any type of user , small, medium and large companies rely still on it to manage and integrate simple to complex types of information. We can help you build or enhance your day to day Excel applications including macro-programming.

Data Analytics – Business Insights

Discovery, interpretation, and communication of meaningful patterns in data is essential today. Your business can rely on analytics of business data to describe, predict, and improve business performance. We can help you extract and/or integrate data sources and present them in real time as Dashboards.

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